Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela

Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela | Geld inzamelen
Fund the purchase and shipment of essential infant aid for the crisis in Venezuela

I am collecting items to donate to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, and raising funds to buy more essential items and pay for shipping via the charity PROGRAMA DE AYUDA HUMANITARIA PARA VENEZUELA.

Required - Sanitary Products:*

Milk formula
Baby wipes and cotton balls or pads
Paracetamol suppositories/zetpillen 0-3 months (120mg) and 3 months+ (240mg)
Children's Ibuprofen
Vitamin supplements (Folic Acid, Vitamin K, D, Iron, Multivitamins)
Nursing pads/Zoogkompressen
Bottles and teats/flesspenen
'Kraampakket' items

I am also collecting second-hand clothes as packing.

Best wishes


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