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Situation of children's right for education

Today, education remains an inaccessible right for many children in Gambia. The lack of schooling and poor education have negative impacts on the population and country. The children leave school without having required the basics, which greatly impedes the social and economic development of the country. Reasons enough for taking practical action.

The name of the project were i want to collect money for is called hope gambia.
This charity started 5 years ago. During this time they've build a classroom block with 7 toilets for a needy school. Two years ago they've build another classroom block with 13 toilets for another needy school.
The project sponsors 85 children in school.
Now they want to build a water hole for a local community to have clean drinking water.

you are indispensable for realizing this project, so don't hesitate to donate. Even the smallest gifts help.
I'll thank you in advance in name of the local community! 

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