Helping handball team kids in my hometown

Helping handball team kids in my hometown | Geld inzamelen
Handball club HK Slavia Sered is making kids life happier

Hello all ,

my name is Andrej Polak and most of my friends know , im big fan of sport , especially handball. As a 12 year old I started to play handball in my hometown. Beside the sport, this club gave me the chance to get to know the great people, to have a lot of fun and after many years and have to say it creates me as a better person (my wife would tell you more about that :)

And I think it's time, after 25 years, at least a little help to give them back.

Since I knew the club, there are still same people giving a training and it's incredible that it still works. The last two years, with the youngest children (6-12 years old), two of my great friend are helping them out and also try to popularize the club and give to kids the opportunities to enjoy playing all together.

HK Slavia Sered  (Slovakia) is an excellent handball family and they deserve bigger support as they are getting from municipality nowadays.(funds are always needed for new balls/dresses, energy cost, renting hall, cost of matches)

If it is a little possible, please support them with few euros, so also children in future could be proud of Slavia ... like im proud today :)

You can also help them to share this with your friends or visit one of the games that Slavia will play (there is not that big chance if you live abroad to come to the small town of slovakia once..but who knows:)) ... those children would definitely be happy to see you there :)

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