Helping a Thai friend

Helping a Thai friend | Geld inzamelen
Helping a Thai friend.

As I have a wish for a Thai friend to start a new life again.

Soon, San a good Thai friend will be released out of prison in Thailand. As a kid he grow up in one of the poorest families in the north east of Thailand and as a young adolescence he has been living in and out of temples. He has been working mainly as muay thai trainer and later on also as a bodyguard in the years I've been living with him. And i've experienced that life never really was easy for him! 

To avoid that he has to start from ground zero again I would like to ask for (small) donations so that he has a better chance to start fresh and help him get on his feet so he can find a job.

For anyone who would like to help me with this fundraising please make a donation, All small bits will help!

Next month ( June) he will be released.....And if your're intrested don't forget to watch a small documentary about Thaiboxing where he is in also. 



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