Help Sri Lanka na de aanslagen!

Help Sri Lanka na de aanslagen! | Geld inzamelen
Help Sri Lanka na de verschrikkelijke aanslagen op eerste paasdag 2019.

Let op: Deze actie is de Nederlandse versie van Help Sri Lanka after the devastating terror attack, om het ook mogelijk te maken dat er via iDeal gedoneerd kan worden.

Note: This fundraiser is the Dutch version of Help Sri Lanka after the devastating terror attack, to make it possible for Dutch citizens to donate through iDeal.



2 days before the terrible terror attacks, I got back from Sri Lanka. The experience I got from the country and its people is unbelievable. I have traveled to many countries around the world, but the beauty of Sri Lanka and the warmth of its citizens is something I have never experienced before. 

After the decades-long civil war the country went through and on top of that the devastation of the tsunami in 2004, Sri Lanka is going through a difficult phase to build up a future. I have seen pictures and videos from a colleague who went to Sri Lanka for half a year after the tsunami to help its people, and compared them with those I have made in the past 3 weeks: what a transformation the country has gone through! But it's not there yet. Tourism can make a great impact on development of the Sri Lankan economy. Tourism is a fast growing industry which has been identified presently. Employment opportunities and regional development are playing significant role with regard to the tourism industry development. It can be considered as the most important industry in the country as a whole. The government’s vision is to make the tourism sector as Sri Lanka’s most innovative and profitable income generating source (Tourism in Sri Lanka, 2017).

For a country that is steadily building up its future and which is highly dependent on tourism, the terror attacks have come at a terrible moment in time. U can imagine it yourself: people are scared and tourism will take a dip. This will lead to a decrease in sales, and will automatically hit the people of Sri Lanka in building their future.

With this fundraiser I want to help the people of Sri Lanka!

The funds received will go to local Sri Lankan organizations to make sure the donations are well spend! I’m still in search for these organizations, so suggestions are welcome. We can decide together where and how the money will be spend!

Thank you,




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