Help Ricardo get better!

Help Ricardo get better! | Geld inzamelen
Without any help for dialysis or a kidney transplant, Ricardo will not make it.

My good friend Ricardo Sayers survived cancer two years ago. After being in the hospital for two years and after 4 extreme surgeries he has been recovering and has been back to work.

Three weeks ago I went on vacation to Saint Lucia (beautiful paradise island in the carribean) where I have many friends since my internship there. The fist week everything was alright, but the second week we had to rush to the hospital where he was admitted in very critical condition.

During the earlier surgery a kidney had to be removed and the second kidney is almost not working anymore.
After a very nerve wrecking and emotional week he got a little bit better after doing dialysis.

The thing with dialysis is that you have to keep doing it 3 times a week, otherwise the situation will be critical again.

And the thing with a paradise island, third world country, is that healthcare is really bad. There is a long waiting list in the public hospital for dialysis. Which means that if you are not on top of list, you either die or you have to go to the private hospital, which is extremely expensive and not covered by insurance. Dialysis costs 183 euro per time, 3-4 times a week.
If the money cannot be paid, there will be no dialysis, which means he will not make it.

Now I would never ask for money, but I have been paying for the hospital bills for the past two weeks and I cannot afford the complete amount by myself. And I can assure you that Ricardo and his family really need help. I have been at the hospital with them the past week and it is not something you can imagine existing with the great healthcare we have here.

The money raised will be used for dialysis until he can go to the public hospital or to fly Ricardo to the US (Boston) to get a kidney transplant.

Every little amount will help.

Thank you so much!!

Josien Vergroesen

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