Help our friend Alex with medical costs

Help our friend Alex with medical costs | Geld inzamelen
A super gift for Alex in his fight against type 1 diabetes.

If you know Alex a little you know that he has plenty of complications due to his diabetes, he stays more than half the time in the hospital instead of at home every year and is sent from hot to her for all treatments. As a result of his sugar, his nerves are affected and veins are shattered. This ensures that he can barely keep food inside and makes it difficult for doctors to infuse him. The situation is quite serious at the moment and is deteriorating rapidly.

Nowadays there are smart sensors (Guardian sensor 3) that automatically measure sugar levels every 5 minutes and can accurately deliver insulin. Such a system can, among other things, ensure that Alex's sugar level is measured when he is sleeping so that nighttime fluctuations are immediately adjusted. This would make a big difference to him, he would get a much better picture of his daily fluctuations through an online tool, no longer have to measure and spray and it could make it easier for him to eat. Of course, such a super system is just not reimbursed by the insurers and the hospital also has no budget to help Alex ..

At April 5, it was his birthday and so we thought: "what could be a better gift than being able to give him better health together?"

Here the question whether you can miss a tenner or whatever so that we can all fix those sensors together for him. The sensors cost slightly more than 3,000 eur per year and the installation package (starter package CGM minimed 640G / 670G) costs 874.49 eur. The more money the longer we can help him!

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