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Mama Cherry is a local Philipino lady who needs our help to fix her boat!!

Hello Friends, family and the rest of the world,  I need ALL your help to help a local women here (from the Philipines) who needs the money. Yesterday evening (7/4/2017) we had a big storm and her boat was destroyd by the waves. When she woke up, she saw her boat was completly gone (only the mast where sticking out of the water)

The biggest cost will be the engine

I ask for you help, because her boat means EVERYTHING for her and it s 70% of her income. She don t have money for this and she don t know what to do now. I saw her crying today and that was hurting my heart, so i organise this for her.

I feel really sorry for her and i wish i had the money, but i don t have it SO that s why i need YOU,  ALL OF YOU :)

I will make more pictures if i give her the money so you all can see what a little donation can do to her.  I hope you will help me with this.  


Thank you all  :)


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