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Hey everyone, This summer my church is going to moldova.

Hey everyone,

This summer my church is going to Moldova to do volunteering work, we're going to organise different activities in an orphanage.

Moldova is one of the poorest countries of Europe, Moldova has about 200,000 orphans and when these orphans reach the age of 16 they are forced to leave the orphanage. At this age the children have no education and little money, many girls will end up in the sex industry, of which most die within several years due to abuse.  The boys often end up in forced labour or the mafia.

We're doing this with the organisation ''New hope Moldava'' this organisations works for awareness of human trafficking. We will go from the 22th of July 'till the 30th of July. The activities we'll provide will teach the children new skills, for example English to computer skills and from technical skills to creative ones.

The personal contribution of 750,- will cover:

- Flight
- Cost of the camp location
- Food
- Workshop necesities

Thank you for your time and please leave a donatian!

X Esmee

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