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In three weeks I will be running the half marathon in The Hague. I love how running events bring so many people together - a solo sport becomes a group experience, not just for the runners but for everyone coming out to cheer and show support to friends and strangers.

In that spirit I will be running for The Ama Namin Foundation. This charity, ran by my aunt and uncle, aims to support local projects in the Philippines focused on improving living and study conditions. Being half Filipina and working in education myself, I selected this specific project in which a local carpentry will be producing chair desks for a school of 400 students. 

The first chairs are currently in the making, but more funds are needed to provide all students with a chair desk. Your support for this project is much appreciated! After the City Pier City 21K run in The Hague I hope to have raised at least €350 to donate toward this project.

Three more weeks of training to go!  🏃🏽‍♀️🙏🏽 


- Indira

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