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I am raising money to fund my experience trip to Ghana

The school I am currently attending organises an experience trip to Ghana.The goal of the trip is to give students a better cultural and international perspective of the world we live in. During the trip we students will experience how life is in a world that's quite different to ours.

During the trip we will focus on:


Sharing skills.

We belief that it’s crucial to learn from each other, on a basis of equality. We think that sharing knowledge, skills and identity will help to create intercultural understanding. Intercultural understanding lies at the root of all good partnerships, which we need to make a positive impact on the world we live in.


Service as Action / CAS.

Student will work together with a local peer to forfill a Service possibility in the North of Ghana. We will cary out our activity in a primary school in Ghana. In the preperation for the trip we will identify and prepare the Service activity. A service activity is an activity which benifits others.

Next to this will the trip also give students plenty of Service as Action and CAS opportunities upon return, e.g. presentation to our or other schools, presentation to companies who helped sponsoring.  


Immerse in a development country.

We think it’s important for our students to experience life in the poorer areas of our world. We would like to let them experience the inequality of the world we live in, and we want them to realise which position they hold in this world.

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