Gain a fortune by selling Dutch snacks in Taiwan

Gain a fortune by selling Dutch snacks in Taiwan | Geld inzamelen
Be the first one to sell unique HOT WANTED products in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the few rising star countries in Asia. The population consist of roughly 23 million people. One of the main differences between the Taiwanese and European culture is that due to the extreme long labour times that both parents have to make, 90% of the people are forced to eat outside in cheap garage shaped restaurants and at street venders.

Imported items from europe and the US are in Taiwan  "The hottest item" that everyone wants to have. Costco Taiwan is an excellent example of this ... The sole importer of US goods and  became filthy rich

Famous European snacks as: olie bollen,  frikandellen, kroketten, bitterballen etc are on the otherhand not available due to the strict and sear impossible Asian import rules.

The greatest opportunity is therefore again the simplest.

Be the first with something that doesn't exist.

Starting a number of "small dutch snackbars" in different major cities like Taipei, and one manufacturing facility with a limited number of items, is therefore unique in taiwan and will get instant focus of all existing Taiwan news media and people...

23 million people watching on the news the "HOTTEST" item that is unique in taiwan !!!!! ... Dutch Frikandellen.


But don't get personal thoughts about the main objective for this project.

It is not you on that we focus, but the local Taiwanese charity organisations. That is my main objective!... 

The drive was to find a method to use the neverending basic greed of human nature in order to create a continues source of income helping a number of them in Yangmei and Kaohsiung. 

To do so, we offer ownership in this project similar to shares as we were offered way back in 1995 by ASML.

And to be frank.... This was one of the best investments i have ever done in my life.

Just ask them what Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves means. (no offence!) 

Starting with 20% of the business, meaning 20.000 units of 5 euro are freely available with a maximum of 500 units for each individual participant.

You could gain loads of money, The local charity organisations also ^_^ 

More info can be obtained on request: consult the following smartphone link

One clear condition:

Participants in this crowdfunding project are required to donate part of their nett profit to the local charity organisations in Taiwan.


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