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You can be a HERO by donating.

Every child deserves to play outside with no worries. They deserve to be treated when they are sick, to have food when they are hungry, to go to school and to educate themselves. We want to improve the life of children in South-Africa who are facing life-threatening and terminal illnesses, as well as save the abandoned babies in Africa.

We, 20 students of the Rotterdam Business School, started this project to raise money for the Out of Africa Children’s Foundation. A charity foundation in South Africa, which provides help, support and education to underprivileged children in the Atlantis Township and Tygerberg Hospital. All the proceeds raised will go towards the Out of Africa Children's Foundation. We need you, the children need you. You can be their HERO by donating. Every euro counts!

In February 2018, the 20 Rotterdam Business School students will travel to Cape Town, South Africa to the Out of Africa Children's Foundation. On the official Facebook page of this foundation, you can follow the process of the fundraising project.


If you prefer to donate with a credit card feel free to go to our GoFundMe page. 


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