Friends supporting Roxy Brooks

Friends supporting Roxy Brooks | Geld inzamelen
Help Roxy Brooks beat blood infection

Dear friends,

Roxy Brooks is here in Europe and has taken ill. She does not have international insurance. She is having to pay full price for hospitalization, doctors appointments, medications and supplies.
She has another blood infection that is not responding to most medications, she is allergic to most medications that treat her condition, along with having a compromised immune system.

If you can, it would be great if you could contribute to the bills. Any amount is welcome. Jeroen has opened up his second bank account in Amsterdam. We are all in direct contact with each other to make sure the money gets there in the right time and place!
Many gratitudes and thanks on behalf of our dearest Roxy.

Vanessa van Cartier
Marc van Loon
Jeroen Zellenrath

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