Fight to end Cancer and Support Immunotherapy

Fight to end Cancer and Support Immunotherapy | Geld inzamelen
Support Immunotherapy for everyone !

Many people know that I struggle with cancer for a long time. I'm still fighting but will not give up hope! 

A lot of friends and family lost the war against this beast. 
And now there is another beats... covid 19 

I have given 8 fb concerts to give hope and strenght to many people in this war against another killer Covid19 

During this time I have performed a lot of songs in loving memory of all kinds of angels all around the world.  

is this time we need to stay together and fight cancer and Covid19 

I have had a lot of questions from people that want to pay me some money for the concert(s) 

I would like you all to make a small donation to support Immunotherapy. 

thank you all and stay safe ! 

more information about Immunotherapy: 

Those looking to under go immunotherapy treatment are often faced with substantial costs standing in their way.

The treatment itself costs a small fortune, then there are the costs of travel and supporting the family while undergoing treatment. 

This Crowdfunding provides a way for an individual or a family to reach out to their wider community to help fund the treatment they need.

never give up and never surrender💙


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