Feeding the Hawaiian goose in Hawai

Feeding the Hawaiian goose in Hawai | Geld inzamelen
Helping the Hawaiian goose with feeding leaves, seeds, fruit, and flowers of grasses.

Evolving in the remote Hawaiian Archipelago and having the smallest range of any living goose, the Hawaiian Goose, or better known by its Hawaiian name—Nënë, is among the most isolated, sedentary, and threatened of waterfowl.

Nearly extinct in 1951, captive-bred birds were reintroduced into the wild in the 1950s on the Big Island, Maui and Kauai. Their numbers have increased a lot on Kauai in recent years since there are no mongooses on this island, which are predators of the nene. Even if the species is downlisted to Threatened, it will still need to be protected from current threats, including invasive predators, as well as habitat destruction and collisions with cars.


With your money I...

1) Fly to Hawai

2) Sleep in bed

3) Deep research time in these gooses to have the courage to approach them well and friendly

4) Use human energy to gather fresh leaves, seeds, fruit, and flowers of grasses to feed them

5) Fly back Netherlands


1000 euro 


Your investment...

1) Personal Hawaiian Goose card from Hawai (write your adress in your payment description)

2) A selfie update of me and a Hawaiian Goose

3) The Hawaiian Gooses will be thankful towards you


Sophie C.


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