Cycloon Dineo

Cycloon Dineo | Geld inzamelen
Dineo raasde over ons geliefde Mozambique !

Our beloved country Mozambique was hit by cyclone Dineo. Dineo hit the region of Inhambane and Maxixe most!
Lots of lodges have been terribly damaged, some of them destroyed. But the local community has been affected by Dineo even more. This area lives by tourism, so imagine you, not having a roof to sleep underneath, no shelter, rainshowers, no electricity, no cellphone network, schools are gone, hospitals damaged and because of the lodges been destroyed not even work anymore!
Thankfully the number of casualties are still small, but since there is no water, no food and no shelter the risques of diseases will increase. I challenge you to help these people. A small donation of yours can make a huge difference to the people affected by the storm. We will visit the area in March to see what we can do and hopefully help a little bit! The mozambiquan people also called Boa Gente, are proud people. They are in survivingmode, the only thing that hasn't been broken is their spirit.
We are deeply touched by this disaster and hope you  are too !

thank you , Hanneke

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