Cows and Chicks for kids!!!

Cows and Chicks for kids!!! | Geld inzamelen
Animals for the farm of Hope and Dreams

Two years ago my parents and aunt decided to put their knowledge of agriculture in developing countries to good use to help build a farm for an orphanage, the Home of Hope and Dreams in Uganda.

This farm is a source food and income for the orphanage as well as the community. The demand is unfortunately higher than the farm provides. Additional cows, goats and chickens are needed!!

For only €2500 we will be able to buy at least two cows and several goats and chickens.

In august we will go back to Uganda to see how the farm is getting along and as guests of the orphanage we can't come empty handed.  The full amount of money raised will be spent on livestock.

Thanks in advance!!

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