Christmas Gifts for Refugees on Lesvos, Greece

Christmas Gifts for Refugees on Lesvos, Greece | Geld inzamelen
Christmas gifts needed for refugees in the Lesvos Solidarity refugee camp on Lesvos

Who are we and who is Lesvos Solidarity?

We have decided to spend our Christmas & New Year volunteering in one of the 3 refugee camps based on the Greek island of Lesvos.

Lesvos Solidarity is an open refugee camp based in Mytilene, Lesvos. It is a self-organised, autonomous space run by volunteers and is built on the principle of solidarity and community. They opened in 2012 and are now a growing and evolving camp in response to the dynamic nature of the refugee crisis on the island.

Lesvos Solidarity provides refugees with medical care, shelter and hospitality (e.g. food, hygiene
products, clothing etc). The refugees who stay at their camp are some of the most vulnerable. They offer medical assistance and help with the paperwork for their asylum process. In addition they organize sport and creative activities for children, adult language classes and social support.

In total there are about 120 residents from which about 40 are kids. They mainly fled their home countries: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Eritrea due to war, unsafety and inhumane conditions.

For more info about the Lesvos Solidarity refugee camp, please watch their video or visit their website; 

Lesvos Solidarity Website

What are we going to do over there?

We will volunteer in activities for children like sports and creative activities, help out with adult language classes and with food and clothes distributions.

Since it's Christmas time, we will organize some special festivities to bring some joy and hope to the refugees.

Also we would love to bring nice and qualitative Christmas gifts to the refugees to support them, but especially to make them feel that they are not alone and that people like you & me care about them.

Especially during this cold time of the year where people are gathered in their comfortable warm houses together with family and friends, we want to make them feel 'warm' too and spread love, joy and hope.

How can you help?

We're looking forward to receiving your financial support so we can buy the necessary items and Christmas gifts.

We will buy items like: 

  • Single Men (16-30 yrs old): Thermos bottles, hoodies/jumpers, gloves, hats and thermo shirts, thermo socks
  • Children (2-16 yrs old): Art and craft items 
  • New borns & babies:  Gloves, hats, baby clothes
  • Mums: Nursing tops, nursing pads, small pillows to use to put baby while breastfeeding, beauty products (lip balms, nice body lotions, oils)

For a more detailed overview of the costs of these items, see first attached photo.


Let's spread the LOVE!


Thank you all,

Selma Loor & Juan Pablo Aita Vassallo



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