Children of Cherus' Family

Children of Cherus' Family | Geld inzamelen
Supporting 9 children in Kenya, children of Cherus' Family.

We want to make sure that until the age of atleast 18 years old, Brian, Erik, Marieke, Kimutai, Gloria, Solomon, Joylin, Abel and Abraham can go to school. Donations will be used for schoolfees and also the daily needs of these fantastic children in Kenya.

Brian, Erick and Marieke are children of the late Peter Kiprotich Cherus, who was a top athlete. 

Kimutai, Gloria, Solomon, Joylin, Abel and Abraham are the chlidren of the late Jane, the sister of Peter. 

The Peter Kiprotich Cherus Foundation is founded by friends and close family of Peter Kiprotich who personally take care that the money is spent well. The foundation is situated in The Netherlands and active in Iten & Kitale, Kenya.

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