Bring Shimmy Shake back to life!

Bring Shimmy Shake back to life! | Geld inzamelen

Shimmy Shake is coming back in a new co-operation style. There is a new board who enthusiastically want to continue the great work, specifically the empowerment of women and the importance of coming together and dancing. Shimmy Shake new style will include many fusion dance styles, and a lot more belly dance.
Moving forward this organisation will rely on all of you working together and co-operating, to organize the future events. Together we are stronger. A co-operative!!

We need your help right now to realise the following actions:

  • Maintaining and improving the website
  • Developing it to be an online platform for our community.
  • Organizing physical Shimmy Shake salons.

The first salon is in the planning. With your help Shimmy Shake will be reborn!
All amounts, big or small will be joyfully received with thanks. ❤️


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