Bring a Smile to the island of Lesvos

Bring a Smile to the island of Lesvos | Geld inzamelen
Your donation will change the harsh conditions for refugees at Lesvos.


Dear People,

The 23rd of February I will travel to the island of Lesvos to work for the Because We Carry foundation. With six other other volunteers I will prepare and distribute the refugees a daily breakfast and help out wherever it is needed to improve the situation at Campus Kara Tepe.


Why I am going?

It has  been four years and the situation at the Greek island is so dire that one out of four children is thinking of suicide. They suffer from trauma caused by the war and everything they had to endure fleeing to a safer place. The camps are overcrowded and the future of the refugees is uncertain. This is the fourth winter and the camp originally meant as a gateway has turned into a place where people are staying for up to two years. The conditions at Moria are extremely harsh, especially during the winter. Living in tents which are wet and cold adds to illnesses as respiratory infections and hyperthermia. The most vulnerable refugees, pregnant woman, mothers with children and refugees that are ill are transferred from camp Moria to Kara Tepe. At Campus Kara Tepe we are giving them a routine and activities. We believe in less talk, more action to create a save environment where they can begin to heal. 

What are we doing?

Our team of volunteers is raising money for the necessary budget spent on food and other materials for Campus Kara Tepe. We will work together with the refugees to better the conditions at the campus and giving them a chance to feel human again. We will pay for the cost of our own trip and stay ourselves. But we need your donation to make a difference. To be able to buy the local groceries for breakfast and bring a smile on the faces of people who could need some compassion we would like to ask you for a donation.

Will you help us and fund another smile at the island of Lesvos? It doesn’t matter if it’s €5 or €50 you can spare, every euro will be adding to our weekly budget of €8000 to make all this possible.

Short on cash?

Are you short on cash? That’s no problem. You can help us out in different ways. You  can help out tremendously by sharing this in your own network to get the word out. That is equally valuable as a donation.

You can find more information on the website of Because We Carry, or contact me for any questions.

Thank you for reading through this.

With Love,


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