A match with a golden heart

A match with a golden heart | Geld inzamelen
Benefit Match


For a long time now I am working in the football industry. As the results of this I know lots of players and clubs. I see that lots of footballfans support there clubs all over the world. These footballfans enjoy every match of their players and scream their club to a victory.

Sometimes we forget  that many people all over the world never have been to a football match in a football stadium. There are many refugees around the world who life an uncertain life and wury every day or they will be still there the next day.

I want to fill the Amsterdam Arena with these people to give them an unforgettable day. I want to organize a benefit match with the best football players from around the world. The proceeds of this benefit match will go to the foundation who take care of the refugees.

To organize this, of course, I need  lots of money and would, therefore, like every footballfan to support me to succeed in this by donate a small financial contribution.




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