A Birthday Gift for De Regenboog Groep

A Birthday Gift for De Regenboog Groep | Geld inzamelen
Let's make the city a better place for all Amsterdammers

Dear all,

I am turning 23 this month, and I would like to celebrate this by raising money for a charity which lies close to my heart. 

De Regenboog Groep is a charity involved in empowering those living in (social) poverty in Amsterdam, including refugees, people who are homeless, suffer from addiction or other mental illnesses, have debts, et cetera. I have been involved in a few of their projects, and I am amazed by the drive of this charity to make the city a nicer place for all Amsterdammers. 

If you have some money to spare, a small donation would be the best birthday gift I could receive! 

Lots of love,


(For more information, check out https://www.deregenboog.org/)

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