Xmas 4 Children with HIV in Peru

Xmas 4 Children with HIV in Peru | Geld inzamelen

Xmas 4 children with HIV in Peru.

We organize every year Xmas gifts for kids who got infected with HIV by birth or got infected in every other way. 

For this year we want to try to make it a bit more special as also in peru the population suffers under Corona heavily with out any support of the gouvernement. 

This year our Xmas gift contains chocomilk, and a limited edition cup to drink filled with candy, a large Xmas Bread(traditional in peru like in holland "kerststol") ingredients for a Xmas meal for 6 family members.

This we have organized allready. We now like to raise money to give the 100 kids a Xmass kids party just before Xmas with make up artists, balloons, food, entertainment etc.

All (small) donations are appreciated a lot ♥️ And pictures and video will be shared with you to see their happy faces. 

Living in Europe with HIV is in the last years improved and the acces to the right medication is relative easy. This is not the case in Peru, this makes life much more stressful. With this donation we want to let them enjoy a fun day. 




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