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Walking men

Two young men 19, 21 walking from spain all thru marocco to raise money for war refugees

Dear friends, family and people i haven't met,

Let me begin with introducing myself:

My name is Jesse Kalf, i am a 19 year old somewhat man, mostly boy.... who was born and raised in and near amsterdam(netherlands).

I am a cook by profession and i have since i can remember always dreamed of traveling.

Since my last trekking(walking over 3000KM from my home in haarlem to santiago de compostela in spain) i have been craving for more adventure and cultural epiphany.
And so me and my friend Jurriaan have dicided that we will walk from sevilla(spain) towards the Strait of Gibraltar wich we will will cross by boat to continue our journey on foot all the way thru marocco to the western sahara(about 1500km).

Now let me explain where YOU come into this picture!!

Since i have returned from my last voyage, and have been recieving all this positive feedback from the people i meet, and i realized that it would have been so easy to raise awareness and money for the unfortunate people who have become a victim of war in for example the middle east.

As you probabely already know millions of people are victimised by war everyday... A lot off these people are absolutely helpless without acces to medicine, clean water and shelter..

Our plan is to update several times a week on a facebook-page on wich we will raise awareness of what we are doing and provide the people who would like to follow us with stories and photographs of our journey.

So why not support our cause and donate whatever you feel like missing to the given bankaccount so in the end of our journey my Jurriaan and i can donate the dull amount of collected money to the 'International resque committee?'

This way we can walk( OFF COURSE ON OUR OWN COSTS) and meanwhile do something good for the people who are walking for days in search off SAVETY and HELP!

It was up to US to save the money to do this trip, now it is up to YOU to turn our plan into a succes that will help the people we want to help.

Much love, and thanks in advance.

Jesse Kalf


PS: The link to our facebookpage: 







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