Ukraine Cycle Fundraiser

Ukraine Cycle Fundraiser | Geld inzamelen

Hi, my name is Brand. I'm arranging a fundraiser event for the Foundation of Ukrainians in the Netherlands. A charity committed to providing essential supplies, medical support, protective equipment, financial support, aiding refugees and providing psychological support to Ukrainians impacted by the war. Beyond this, the foundation is also involved in arranging events from petitions to supply drop points to protests.

To raise awareness and support the foundation, I've created a 350km route through the Netherlands that I would like to complete in 1 day. It is the biggest physical and mental challenge I've ever set for myself but inspired by the Ukrainian people and those who have stood in solidarity with Ukraine, I've learned that the impossible can be possible.

My goal is to raise around 15EUR per kilometre that I cycle to reach a 5000EUR in donations. If you would like to support Ukraine, donate to this GoFundMe or share it on your social media.

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