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Vluchtelingenkampen in Noord Syrië zijn overstroomd. Help, met kachels en houtpakketten..

Under severe cold weather in the Syrian north, heavy rain in 11 camps has swept more than 1,000 tents and nearly 25,000 people, mostly children and women, have lost their tents, which were not protective from cold in the first place and lack housing structures. These people have lost everything and now live in the open, organizations are trying to secure some tents to accommodate them. We in the Syrian Committee decided to help them with heating, so we launch the campaign of #TouchOfWarmth and want to ask everyone who is here in the Netherlands to help us provide warmth for one family for a month, this will consist of a fireplace + 100 kilos of firewood worth about 25 euros. Contribute to heating one family for a small amount. Our goal now is heating 300 families with a total value of 7,500 €. To donate you can do so via the link, or you can contact the Syrian Committee via our Facebook page or call the number on the page.





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