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This poor family needs help

This poor family in Malawi needs help after loosing their mother

Tiyso a youth organization in Malawi wants to help this family with big worries and problems after big lost of the mother/wife...

This family lost their mum and lovely wife one week ago.

The father of the family is a guard. The mother was suddenly getting sick.... The mother had a business but because of sickness she lost her business and income...The mother needed medicine and special food but because of loosing her income it was difficult to afford that. After all she passed away but money for the funeral was not their. Tiyso an youth Organization helped with the funeral so the children, the family and her husband could say in a good way goodbye

Now only the father has income. They survive from only 40 euro's a month which is not enough to pay the schoolfee of the 3 children and have every day enough to eat.

The 2 youngest children from 9 and 13 years old going to primary school. One from 15 is going to secundary school with very good results. The oldest 2 children from 18 and 20 are not going to school but learn technical skills at our youth Organization.

This family can hardly survive now their mum passed away....the father is full of worries because there is not enough food to eat daily... And he can't afford the schoolfee of his children. So his children has no chance to finish school or get a better life. His biggest wish is that his children finish their school and get a job.

If we help this family with 40-50 euro's a month then 3 children can still go to school and the other 2 children will learn technical skills at the youth organization.

Please help this family and donate money...

Tiyso the youth organization makes sure the money will go to this family... we even visit this family every week and look at possibilities for setting up a small business for more income for this family... but first they need a little help from us...

3 of the 5 children comes 2-5 days a week to our youth centre to play games and learn skills to get more independent...

So please help this family with a donation.

Already with a donation from 40 euro the kids can go to school for 1 month! 

Once a donation or a donation every month is very welcome.

This family would be very thankfull with your help...

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