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Support musician Mellema Hodgin patient again

Support musician TIES MELLEMA, who had to cancel all concerts due to cancer diagnosis

Ties had to cancel again all concerts of the season because of another cancer diagnosis. 
As a colleague of Ties Mellema I would like to ask for your support. 
Being a freelance musician myself, I know how it is if you cannot play a concert. You just do not get the money. No work - no money.

My idea would be that you imagine that you work a few hours or a day to support Ties and his family and that you donate the money you earned in these hours.

Ties Mellema works as a freelance solo artist, a chamber musician and a teacher. In 2010 he received the Netherlands Music Prize from the Dutch Performing Arts Fund, a highly prestigious recognition of his work so far.
Ties’ drive is characterized by two major life events. In 2008 he was severely injured to his right hand after an unfortunate house-hold accident. After rehabilitation, meditation and some modifications to his instrument he found a way to continue his career, despite the fact that the doctors told him that he would never play again.
Seven years later Ties was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and underwent an intensive chemo therapy. In 2016 Ties rehabilitated again and came back as a reborn person and musician in the course of this year.
Until the cancer came back in august 2017.....

Please support Ties and his family and make a donation.

Lars Niederstrasser

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