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Summer school in Korea

Summer school in Korea

The trip of my life! Since about ten years ago i've been dreaming of going to South-Korea. The people, the culture and the beautiful scenery have completely drawn me in, and no mom.. it was'nt a phase. I havent been on holiday in years since ive been saving up all my money to visit this country. Now that i've almost graduated from university the last chance to study abroad has come up and so i've enrolled myself in a great Korean University, payed for tuition and booked my flight to go and learn the Korean language. With these study points i'll fortunately be able to graduate on time this summer. This trip will mean the world to me and has me unexplainably excited!

Unfortunately some unforseen financial issues have come up and im now left with no money for food, transportation and exploring :( . On top of that i just found out my old suitcase has cracked in a few places. I've been trying to get money by selling my old stuff, but i can only sell so much... 

I'm completely aware of this being a sort of luxury problem and i totally understand if no one can help me. I would however be forever thankful for even the smallest amount of a donation!!

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