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Study Period in Valencia

Help een student met een donatie voor een leuke studieperiode in Valencia!

Hi folks, family and friends.
Come February i will be doing something i have dreamt off my whole life. Living in another country, with another language, another climate and a completely different culture.

I will be in my third year of my Spanish study and i will take a minor of six months in Valencia. I will do some courses and of course enjoy the Spanish life style and try to make a great time of it. But... i need some help doing that. Living on myself, cooking, studying and enjoying at the same time will cost me a lot of money. I am preparing for a while now but a little help will be perfect. That's why i decided to create a GOFUNDME to collect a decent amount for my time in Valencia. Every 1 euro will be very welcome.

And to do something in return i will make videos (vlogs) of my adventures in Valencia. Weekly or Monthly episodes in which i will show how my period is going. Besides that i am open to other suggestions, if some of you have them just connect me on social media and we will discuss them. This adventure is something to look really forward too and i hope you guys are willing to help me. I would appreciate it a lot.

Much love,

Nuel Weinchard

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