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Stand by Stefanie

Help Stef to pay for the medical bills and travel expenses.

Stand by Stefanie is an initiative to help Stefanie cover up for the high travel expenses that enabled her to visit her father who died from terminal lung cancer in Indonesia. In addition, money will be collected to support Stef and her family to cover the cost of treatments, doctors visits, co-pays and other medical expenses.

In 2014, Stefanie (Stef) decided to leave her father, sister and aunt in Indonesia to pursue her bachelor's degrees and further career advancement in the Netherlands. The biggest sacrifices she had to make was to leave them behind and to start her new life in  Utrecht. Although life in a foreign country wasn't always a bed of roses, she managed to overcome many obstacles with her hard-working mentality and always positive vibes!!

An unfortunate aspect of life is that some obstacles are easier to beat than others. While Stef was working hard to finish her bachelor thesis, she got a heavy blow to process. Her father got diagnosed with lung cancer. Unfortunately, it was not possible for her to travel home to Indonesia due to financial reasons. Instead of throwing in the towel, she made the best out of the situation and worked even harder to be together with her family. Sadly enough, the situation of her father didn't improve and his health continued to deteriorate.

Current Situation 
Her father was declared terminal and reached a point where he was bed-bounded. Stef left the country on June 9, 2018, to visit her father in Indonesia. On arrival at the hospital, Stef received the devastating news that her beloved father lost his fight to lung cancer. Stjepan Djurasovic died in the early morning of June 10, 2018. This news deeply saddened many among us and words fall short of expressing the sorrow for his loss.

Your Help Is Needed
To give Stef and her family a helping hand in this extremely difficult time, this fundraising is established as a small gesture to support Stef and her family both emotionally and financially. In the last months, Stef and her family invested lots of money to be with Mr Djurasovic and to pay the high medical bills. To realize this trip and support her father, Stef had to lend money. As a student with little to no financial support, it will be very difficult to repay this debt and therefore financial support in the form of donations are very appreciated. At the same time, money will be collected to pay off the medical bills, to cover the cost of treatments, doctors visits, co-pays and other medical expenses.

Please donate ...whatever you feel appropriate, and invite others to donate. Your generosity will have a huge impact on Stef's life and will quite possibly support Stef and her family to live without financial worries!

What happens to your donation?
Your donations will raise much-needed money to pay off the following:

Travel expenses 
Medical bills, to cover the cost of treatments, doctors visits, co-pays and other medical expenses.

On behalf of Stef, her family, and many friends we thank you for helping! <3

If you have questions, feel free to contact me on my email: [email protected]



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