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Stairsteps for Nicaragua

2,5 years being morbidly obese I changed my lifestyle, losing over 80 kilos and becoming much fitter. To prove to myself I am fit now, I challenged myself to climb 10.000 stairsteps which is comparable to climbing the Burj Khalifa 3,5 times or the Eifeltower to the second tier 15 times,on June 30th 2021, my 40th birthday.

By doing this I would like to raise money for the Pronica foundation ( An organization supporting the children of the poorest families in Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in Middle America. Pronica is supporting the  Fe Y Alegria foundation in building and upgrading schools and sending children to these schools. Providing the children the much needed education. For $100 a child in Nicaragua can go to school for the whole year, including everyday lunch. 

Please help me to send a couple of children to school for the next year providing them the much needed education.

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