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Sending some love back to AMG CIA

Saying thanks to the people that helped me so much!

Hi, my name is Mariëlle! I am currently working as a media intern for AMG Guatemala and as a sports intern at Champions in Action (CIA).

AMG is an incredible organisation that supports over 8,000 children in Guatemala by providing education, health care, psychological help, clothing, vocational assistence, protection and job opportunities.

CIA connects disadvantaged youth to mentors through soccer to transform their lives and the lives of the people around them.

On April 24 I was robbed of all of my valuable things (passport, creditcard, laptop, camera and money) and the people at AMG and CIA showed me so much love and support that I want to thank them at the end of my internship by providing them with something they really need. This can be soccer supplies, school supplies or maybe I can even contribute to new classrooms. The more money I raise, the better I can thank them for all that they did for me.

I will be living in Guatemala for the next six months, so I hope to reach my goal of 2000 euros by the end of November.

Help me send some love back to the Guatemalan people!

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