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Schoenendoos Actie | Geld inzamelen

Dear colleagues, every year I join the Schoenendoos Actie.

This action is organised every year to provide children in less affluent circumstances with a shoebox full of presents, presents that are all their own. This is something they can often only dream of.

Last year, I also shared this at my previous work and raised a wonderful amount that allowed us to fill 52 shoeboxes for disabled children in Moldova. I received photos of this and it is wonderful to see the joy in their faces.

A filled shoebox costs about €20. This is divided into 5 euros transport costs and 15 euros for filling the box. I always try to fill as many boxes as possible for both boys and girls, in all age categories. 

Will you help me fill as many boxes as possible? I promise to keep you updated.

More information can be found here: 

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