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Help Leia bij haar behandeling

when I went to my new owner I turned out to be seriously ill. this is the fault of the breeder in Belgium where I come from. this poor breeder imports puppies under false conditions. the puppies are taken from their mother much too early. lies about age and vaccinations so that they can be sold as soon as possible. these young dogs often have serious health problems that are not treated and may lead to death. and as a consumer you are lied to on all sides. my dog ​​Leia has also fallen victim to this and has contracted a serious virus that caused her lung to collapse. she has now been admitted to a hospital urgently and is now being given heavy antibiotics and lies in An oxygen incubator. She needs further various treatments and research to discover which virus is affecting her lung to get her to recover and be the happy dog that she deserves to be. To make sure she can make it and to get her all the research, treatments and hospital stays i hope you will help me to fund this and save this little girl. When Leia is saved we will continue this funding to stop those who are responsible and stop the bad breeders.

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