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Sanitary Towel Drive Kenya

supporting the girlchild living in the slums of Kenya...

My name is Joyce Sando, i am originally from Kenya but i have been living in the Netherlands for awhile now.  this is a fundraiser campaign aimed at supporting young girls in Kenya who as a result of poverty can not afford to buy sanitary towel during mensturation each month.

The first mensturation ushers the girlchild into womanhood , for some girls in some part of the world  it is a day they hold dearly in their hearts as it is a kind of transition that comes with a new responsibility and expectations that  opens the welcome door to Adulthood.

Sadly this is not the case for some young girls in Kenya who goes through a period of frustrations during their mensturation each month as the lack of money deprive them access to sanitary towels which is designed to put the female at ease during mensturation . They skip school for the fear of staining their uniforms with blood which in the end will attracts mockery and name callings from their male colleaques who do not understand the female mensturation process.

Because of the lack of sanitatry towels some of the girls are forced to use other materials that are not appropriate/unhygenic for the female genitals which in the end makes them victims of series of infections which are sometimes left untreated due to not  being able to afford the neccessary medication to treating it.

This October i will be visiting Kenya where i will be donating sanitary towels to the girl child in Kenya who have reached adolescent and are a victim to the aforementioned problems. i am asking you to support this cause by donating 1euro or more to support the purchase of sanitary towels for the affected girlchild in Kenya.  in Kenya the price of 2 packs of sanitary towels amounts to 1euro. support an adolescent girlchild in need. Please DONATE to touch lives.
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