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Safe motherhood for refugees

With your support, we will help as many new mothers and newborns as possible.


As three international Medical third year students, studying in Groningen, we were struck by the refugee crisis, in particular, in Greece. We instantly wanted to help. 

We have found a way, but it requires support from you!

A big issue, seen in Greece, are the vast amount of pregnant refugees and new mothers, who lack access to safe and proper medical care. For these women, their children are often the main motivation to continue the journey, regardless of environments, situations or experiences they suffer.

Around one in 10 women refugees travelling through Europe is pregnant. The current situation for these mothers is heartbreaking; most of them have fled for their lives and are now at the mercy of the rest of the world. 

For example, meet Rania. She was traveling through Greece from Syria when she went into labour. However, the first-time mother was determined to continue her journey and have her baby once she reached The Netherlands. Finally, her family convinced her to go to the hospital and she agreed to give birth in Greece. Just hours later, Rania and her newborn left the hospital early and continued to walk.

This would be unimaginable for a Dutch mother. 

All new mothers require information on how to care for their child properly and safely, what is normal and what not and when to go to the doctor; all information freely available in The Netherlands. 

What are we going to do? 

Our bachelor project is based on improving safe motherhood within the refugee community. 

To do this, we will travel to Greece and produce a booklet for the new mothers on how to care for their newborn. In addition, we want to develop a baby care package with supplies that every new mother needs (sleeping bags, clothes, mattrass, towels, our booklet, etc.). 

During our time in Greece, we will travel along with DocMobile, a medical charity, who use a medical vehicle to travel to the camps and roads of Northen Greece. They provide sufficient care for the refugees, including the new mothers and children. 

How can you help? 

Your donation will go towards the production of the safe motherhood booklet, the development of the baby care package and the work of DocMobile.  

We will also be holding a clothes drive at the Medical Faculty of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the products of which, we will take and distribute in Greece.

We want to thank you so much in advance for your donation! Your help is sincerely appreciated. Please feel free to donate and share to help spread the word

Leah, Frank and Elena

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