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Refugees Learn To Code

IT TalentLand refugees learn to code

Solving the world’s refugee crisis involves every one of us doing our part. We are dedicated to empower refugees and lgbt with extraordinary life stories who are motivated to succeed and improve their new host community.

IT TalentLand is a coding bootcamp that will be located in the heart of Rotterdam-Netherlands the home of one the biggest IT companies including and not limited to Google,, Facebook. Unlike Universities and IT schools that are mostly too expensive for students and parents alike and mostly requires you to have some basic knowledge to be accepted, we at IT TalentLand do offer the opportunity to everyone specially Refugees and lgbt people all around the Netherlands to learn and build a strong curriculum, and help them find their way in one of the highest demanding field in the world : Computer science.


Usually refugees are regarded as a problem in countries across Europe. We think that people of different age and people from different culture backgrounds / religious beliefs, and sexual preferences, whether African, White, Caucasian, Latinos, Indians, and Asians. LGBTQ+, Christians, Muslims, Atheist. should have a chance to learn and give back to the community.


We will be accepting 25 students in a 4 months coding program from which after graduation they will work as internships with one of our hiring partners. Our vision is is to build a highly competitive Bootcamp that will become the number one choice for students and will help people start their career as Developers.

We need your help

We need 5000 € to make this dream come true  
We will use all funds raised to: 

  • Secure location at CIC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. where students will learn.
  • Purchase laptops for those in need.
  • Creating a website.

Our mission is to provide professional and conducive learning environment to students at different level of learning and with your help refugees alike will have a chance to a better life.


Thank You

Special thanks to these associations/people in Netherlands that will team up with us and help us find future students :

  • Sandro kortekaas : prresident of LGBT Asylum Support one of the biggest voices for lgbt refugees in the whole Netherlands.

“An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves.”
– Lydia M. Child

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