Raising money 4 Car Accident Fighting4myRight

Raising money 4 Car Accident Fighting4myRight | Geld inzamelen
Why? How and When i use the money I Raise you might thinking..


Last year I end up in a Car Accident in Ibiza. After a operation on my elbow a hernia in my neck and one year of Fisio therapies, im still Fighting for my Right..! 
Because the women who drive me off of the road start telling lies to the police when they take me (in shock) with the ambulance to the hospital. 
For that reason im moving my self from the beginning for find all evidence and the right professionals to solve my case and show im innocent. 
To get paid all the damage (material and immaterial) and pain she did to me and celebrate justice, I need the best lawyer so for that reason I changed many times till now! 
I found one Network of lawyers (little cost every month for be client) they ask me now a 1000€ for take my case and start moving + 10% of the total claim. 
After Meet (personal/ by phone) over 100 Lawyers (many Lies) in one year, I feel very confident with this Network and the Lawyer Who they chose to be in charge of my case (with a office in Mallorca what is like the “Big brother of Ibiza” giving me a lot of faith, when talking me very clear and honest !) 
Now is the time for Believe In the good again..and all this didnt happen only for getting hurt 🙏🌈🦄

Dankje❣️ Thank you❣️ Gracias❣️ 



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