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PLAYGROUND for children living in a refugee camp

Educational NGO needs funding to build a PLAYGROUND for children living in a refugee camp.

Ten months ago, a Syrian refugee decided to set up a school to give children who have lost everything a chance to never lose a part of our childhood that can give them something to look forward to again.

Happy Caravan has been formed by a group of people who pursue the ideal of a more egalitarian and inclusive world, gathered by the initiative of Ala Eddin Janid, a Syrian refugee who decided to help others who are going through a similar situation as his own. Starting out as just a group of idealistic musicians, artists, and  volunteer teachers, we have now built a full-fledged school where we teach the children of the camp English, math, art, dance, and cinema. 

However, beyond education, our main goal is to provide basic social and therapeutic support to refugee children and their families in the camp. This would include giving children who don't have a class with us a place to enjoy their time in a simple playground that is located in the empty area outside our school. As we teach different age groups, the children of the camp have to wait outside until their classes begun, and we want them to have some pleasant activities that don't require constant supervision by our limited volunteers. Additionally, on the weekends there are no classes that we hold, so this playground can really keep the children occupied and foster a community feeling for them and the parents.

We are a non-profit organization that heavily rely on the good-will of the people to help us improve these children's lives. We have grown attached to them and it really hurts to think that they won't have a normal childhood because of the war. With a simple playground alongside their school, our charity can come a long way to providing them a childhood that doesn't change as long as they are given support of people that have the ability to do so. Please help us make this dream a reality :)

Our playground will consist of low-risk rides such as:

Hy-Slide Stainless Steel

S Swing Nest

Grow'n Up Heracle's Seesaw

Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber 

Sandbags for Sandpit of approximately 10mx5m

No one thought we would make it as a far as we did, but with your generous support, we will prove it to you that we can do a lot to influence the lives of those that have been abandoned. Thank you so much for you consideration, please get in contact with our organization at

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