Operatie voor onze hond Bowie

Operatie voor onze hond Bowie | Geld inzamelen

Dear (dog) friends, family and generous strangers,

We ask for your help because our sweet dog Bowie needs surgery and the insurance does not cover these costs.

We adopted our now 2 year old Bowie from Russia 10 months ago. We wanted a dog, but one that we could save from a bad life and give us a very beautiful life.

Once in our house he was very protective. Visitors were chased away growling and barking, so we got to work with a behavior coach. After months on the waiting list, it was our turn.
One of the advices she had was to have him thoroughly examined by a vet.

We were eventually sent by the vet to the orthopedic surgeon who took x-rays. Then a lot became clear.
2 mobile kneecaps that were also wrong and 2 extremely bad hips. According to the vet, Bowie must always be in pain.
For his hips, the surgery costs 5,000 per hip, but can probably also be solved by medication and physiotherapy.

The kneecaps must be operated on quickly because there is already wear on his kneecaps that are not suitable for a young dog of 2 years.
These 2 operations, including before and after care, medication and physiotherapy, cost around 3500 euros. We need your help with this.

Every euro counts! If you can spare anything in these trying times, we, and especially Bowie, will be immensely grateful to you. Let's do this together!


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