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Nini's Seoul fashion week trip

Maart 2018 is Seoul Fashion Week en voor mijn blog en mijzelf wil ik het graag bijwonen.

Hello everyone,

My name is Shenifa Walker and I am the content creator for Ever since i was 14 years old, I dreamt about going to seoul, Korea. 2 years ago that dream finally became reality and I fell in love with the country and the fashion. After those weeks I realized how much fashion meant for me and I decided that I wanted to have a career in this field. Almost 2 months ago started up my blog to create content about mostly fashion.( This is actually pretty hard to do withouth any money or proper connections)

2 times in a year there's Fashion Week in Seoul, Korea. The upcoming Seoul Fashion Week will be the end of march. And I'd really, really, really would love to attend. I just have to see all of the street fashion and make connections for my further career.

Unfortunatly as a poor student I have a lot of bills to pay and I won't be able to pay for this particular trip on my own. I don't want to bother my family, because they just do not have the money to support this.

For this project I would need about 800 Euro's for a 9-day-trip from march the 24th untill april the 2nd( date may change. The date of Seoul fashion week isn't known yet) :
500 for an airplane ticket; Amsterdam-seoul and Seoul-Amsterdam.
148 for a stay in an appartment; Ivy house Dongdaemun.
150 for multiple fashion show tickets.
I will take care for my own living costs and sorts.

I want to buy a plane ticket 7 weeks-prior the trip and same goes for buying the fashion tickets. So you guys will be able to support this project until the 27th of february.

if i reach my goal , I will make youtube video's and post them on my channel Nini's World. So you guys can follow my trip to the other side of the world.

Every single time I look at youtube video's or pictures from Seoul fashion week, I can feel my heart burst out of my chest. I can feel a pure rage of excitement, passion and enthusiasme go through my body. And i am just yearning to be there.

Your support would mean so much to me. This is a really big dream of mine and it would mean the world to me if you could help me out. Every single penny means I would be a step closer to my dream and for that I am already greatfull.

Thank you so much for your time and support,

Shenifa Walker

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