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NEW PC for very dear friend

Right now, my friend is gaming on a potato.

As you can see, my friend has a setup worth the price of a bag filled with potatoes. Maybe even with candybar if you can find generous person.

I aim to build him a new setup for his birthday. I already have the following:
-1080p monitor instead of that 480p potato.
-a keyboard that doesn't stick on the surface.
-a pc case that doesn't look like you stole from your kindergarten.
-8gb of ddr3 RAM

Now I still need the hardware, nothing too special, but something that makes you go, "o-oohes that is nice".

right now it rocks the good old i5-760, which I aim to upgrade to a 3000 series i5. For graphics he used the GT 210, this will be replaced by either an GTX 960 (4gb) or a GTX 1050 ti (4gb). I will also need a motherboard that will work with the cpu, and a new PSU. If I get enough, I will add a SSD.

I would really like to build him this because he has been my best friend for over a decade now, and he has always been there for me when I needed him.

Thank you a lot for reading, and I'll be really grateful if you help me reach my coal!

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