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My Serious Request

Living instead of Surviving

Everything started out with my wife and me who wanted to have children. She had a nice job and I also had a nice job. Then she became pregnant with the first child. This was a small beautifull daughter. After two years our first boy was born, a lovely little guy with a very big and nice smile. And then another two years later our second boy was born. Blond, and lovely like his mom.
But before our first son was born, something bad happened. I lost my job. At first it was ok, my wife was still working, I had more time for being with the children, but after a while it got harder because I couldn't find a job. Money was getting less and everything became harder and harder.
Finally after a long time, I found a new job. Everything was getting better again, until the working hours became less and less, and at some point I needed to use all the money, we had put to the side for emergency savings, just for living. The the car broke down several times and couldn't be repaired any more, and it was really getting very hard to go to work, because without a car its almost impossible to get somewhere very early in the day. No public transport is going so soon and most of the time I needed to go further than possible by bycicle.
It's not that I'm complaining, I can still provide my family with everything they need, it's only that i would like to give them a bit more that just the basics. Maybe a new bike or a simple computer, or going on some trip to a zoo, that kind of things. Also some car with what we all could go would make things much easier.
Else its only surviving, and i want to give my family living instead. Already i thank all people who will read my story and sent it further so others could also read it. It would make me so happy and gratefull if you, who is reading this, could help us with a little gift and it would make me thankfull and i wish this gesture will return to you tenfold.
With kind regrets, a father who could use a bit of hope.

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