my last wish is to go Thailand by my Wife

my last wish is to go Thailand by my Wife | Geld inzamelen

Had bought an internet elotto loos and my number was bingo,but later i was cheaated on the internet to claim my higher amount of money in the lottery win from abroad, everthing seemed serieus als the documents with the stamp of the authorties were real,i was told that i should first  pay 8.000 US Dollars for the authorities fees and transfer costs to my account.i had to pay the costs because i am not a resident in this country ( Kazakhstan ) i was happy and paid the amount of money that was asked for,after that there was no response wrinting on my email,only now i thought i was scammed and can't do anything about it, my money is gone which i had saved to start a new  life with my wife in thailand,

my wife is now heartbroken and sad that i didn't more about her back to thailand,we both have been happily married in thailand for only 4 months,but our happiness is now devastated and sad,but we seeand talk to each other almost every day via whatsapp,our last wish would be that we can be together again in thailand and have a happy life and we both hope that you can help us that our dream becomes reality in this one sad yime, thank you all

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