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My fathers Loungebar

Help to complete my fathers wish!

Hello people,


My name is Daan, i am 25 years old. The wish of my father Rick who is 63 years old is to start a Loungecafe in Spain, exactly in Santa Susanna. BUT we need extra money for the wish of my Father. i have saved some money for my dad, but my dad couldn't save any money because he cant work his whole life because of a early accident on his 30. 


The dream of my father is to start a Loungebar in Santa Susanna in Spain. It have to be a modern appearance. The target audience has to be between 18-30, but ofcourse anyone can come in and enjoy a cocktail near the beach or enjoying a drink looking at the skyline. 

Look at my fathers ( new facebook), I have pictures for an impression of the interior.

Thank you for your time and help.


Every little thing helps.

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