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Mini Triathlon for Syria

My children, Annabel 7 and Leo Cathersides 5 will do a triathlon to help Syria

  • The triathlon will undertaken by Annabel Cathersides and Leo Cathersides on the 17th November. They will be raising money for a family in Al-Suqaylabiyah in Syria that have lost their house to a bomb last month.

    The father has already lost his right hand to a bomb a few years ago and was struggling before this tragedy struck. Theyhave two beautiful children, Shahid (13) and Talaa (10) . Any money raised will be directly sent to them via Western Union to assist them with rebuilding their lives

    Leo and Annabel’s father’s company, Roca Markets, will match any donations made and cover the cost associated with sending the money.

    I hope you can reach out to your own friends and family to help this family.


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