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Make A Day For A Child

Make A Day For A Child

My name is Quintus Hoveling, 45 years old and father of 2 beautiful children.

For some years I have been thinking about doing something positive for children they benefit from.
These are children, for example, who have to stay for a long time in a hospital because they are (incurable) ill.
Children whose parents are not so wide to accomplish this.

I would like to give these children an unforgettable day.
The donated money will be spent on an old-timer fire truck, to use it for this purpose.

Why? Because every child also gets an impression of a relief vehicle.

I would like to join the vehicle, for example, in a "Truck-Run for Kids", so that this activity can be enhanced. The more vehicles are participating, the more children can experience an unforgettable day.
Of course, the vehicle can also be used occasionally.
By this way, I ask your financial support to achieve this dream.
I will be very grateful to you for achieving this goal for these children.
The donation will be spent in the right and proper way.
Also, there will be a website where we can share the fun together.


The old-timer vehicle costs around € 5000, =
but if we get an amount of € 4500, = in 2 months,
we can be the proud owner please help us

I would like to call on companies for any sponsorship.
In advance,

I thank you for any financial support, partly on behalf of all children!

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